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Port Aransas Golf Cart Rules

Port Aransas Golf Cart Rules


Renting a golf cart is 100% the thing to do when visiting Port Aransas. You can essentially park your car and drive your beach buggy the entire time you are here.  Be sure to know the Port Aransas Golf Cart rules before heading out.

White golf cart in front of beach house

Port Aransas Golf Cart Rules Are Strictly Enforced!

Welcome to Port Aransas!  We hope you have a wonderful, fun, beach hair Don’t care, sand on your toes best vacation ever!  We are one of the few cities in Texas that allows golf carts on city streets. That being said it is important to know your Port Aransas Golf Cart Rules.

 Golf Carts in Port Aransas are licensed vehicles and are to be treated as such. This means you need to abide by normal driving laws like wearing a seatbelt and using hand/turn signals.  It also means no drinking and driving. Open container and DWI laws are strictly enforced.

Abiding by normal driving laws also means only licensed drivers are allowed to drive the golf cart. So no underage driving or suspended license are allow to operate the vehicle.


The Beach is a City Street

The beach is considered a city street. All Port Aransas Golf Cart Rules apply to the beach otherwise know as Beach Road. So the beach is NOT an opportunity to drink and drive or allow the youngsters a go at the steering wheel.

Man driving golf cart on the beach

No Driving on Highway 361

This is a big one! No driving on highway 361. It sounds self explanatory but people do it all the time. It is the only 4 lane road in town. So if its a four lane road…… dont drive on it!  Highway 361 begins south of the intersection of Avenue G and continues out of town toward North Padre Island.

There are a few legal crossings to cross highway 361 but I highly DO NOT recommend doing so as my common sense says, a slow moving vehicle crossing a highway, is not a good idea.

If you must cross over highway 361 these are the legal crossing points.

Golf Cart Cruise Map Port Aransas

Move Over Slow Poke!

Speaking of slow moving vehicles, it is a common traffic law for slow moving vehicles to move to the right and yield the right of way to faster moving vehicles. So be a champ and scooch over while driving the cart to allow faster moving to get by.


Don’t Drive on the Side Walk…..

If you wouldn’t drive your car on the sidewalk then don’t drive your golf cart on the sidewalk, simple as that. This also includes any pedestrian walkway, playgrounds, parks, school grounds, and any other recreation area that would not allow a motor vehicle.


Beach Bums

Every bum including Beach bums need to be in a seat. Port Aransas Golf Cart Rules say that every person on a cart need to remain seated in a seat designed to hold a passenger while the cart is in motion.

This means no lap-riding, no standing, no cart surfing and certainly stay off the roof!


 Beach Police

The police are patrolling regularly and want everyone to have a fun and safe visit to Port Aransas.

Here is letter from Scott Burroughs Scott Burroughs Chief of Police

Here are some other solid safety points to note:

Slow down before turns– Be sure to slow down when making a turn to reduce the risk of ejection and roll over. It has happened before when a customer was driving recklessly and took a turn too sharp going way too fast and the golf cart rolled over on its side causing passengers on the cart to get injured. 

Don’t Overload your cart with too many people or weight

Don’t text and Drive 

Make sure everyone has their arms legs hands and feet inside the cart. 

Don’t leave your keys in the cart while unattended

Don’t Drink and Drive

Never drive recklessly

Wear Seatbelts

Yield to traffic – Golf carts are slow moving vehicles and should take caution while driving around town and on the beach. Remember the cars on the road are driving much faster than you.

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