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Welcome to Port Aransas we hope that you enjoy your stay with us. We are one of the few cities in Texas that allows the operation of golf carts on city streets. The ordinance that authorizes golf cart operation includes a number of provisions to ensure the safety of the golf cart operator and the motoring public that share the roadways. It is your duty to know and obey the law before you operate a golf cart on city streets. These laws are strictly enforced by the Port Aransas Police Department.


  • Golf carts are considered motor vehicles, most traffic laws apply to their operation, including, seat belt, open container and DWI laws.
  • The beach is a city street.
  • Golf carts may only be operated by persons with a valid operator’s permit and/or driver’s license.
  • Golf carts may not be operated on highway 361, south of the intersection of Avenue G.
  • Golf carts must move to the right and yield the right of way to faster moving vehicles.
  • Golf carts may not be operated upon any public sidewalk, pedestrian walkway, playground, public park, school ground, or other public recreational areas, not designated for motor vehicle traffic.
  • The driver and every occupant of a golf cart must remain seated in a seat designed to hold passengers, while the golf cart is in motion.

 • No person may ride in the lap of the driver or any other occupant. Thank you for your cooperation. Sincerely Scott Burroughs Scott Burroughs Chief of Police

Know your golf cart rules in Port Aransas
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Yes you can. Be sure to pick up your beach parking permit at the local gas station, IGA or City Hall.  All of Coastal Eds Coastal Carts come with a beach parking pass. Be sure to check our rules page for more info.

Yes you can take your dog to the beach but pets need to be on a leash at all times. All of Coastal Ed’s Coastals Carts are Pet Friendly. Woof Woof

Yes you can but cannot exceed 3 feet wide or 3 feet high. And they must be completely extinguished before you leave.

Coastal Ed’s Coastal Carts is the best place to rent a golf cart in Port Aransas. All of their carts come with bluetooth stereo, windshields and blinkers!

Beach Safety,

Beach Flags & RIP Currents Information

Beach Flag Warning System

Keep your family safe at the beach!

Keep your family safe on your next beach vacation. It is important to understand rip currents, flag warnings and to know where the surf rescue team is located.

If caught in a rip current don’t fight it. A rip current will not pull you under the water, it will pull you out further away from the beach. Don’t panic. Do not try to swim against the current. To get out of a rip current you will need to swim parallel to the beach until you are out of the current then swim back to the beach at an angle with the waves.

If you can not escape or become tired take a break by floating or treading water then call or wave for assistance.

If you are not a strong swimmer be sure to stay where you can touch the bottom and never go past knee deep water. Never allow children to swim alone.

Lifeguard Stations are located at Marker E, F, 0, 6, and 9. Guards provide a watch from 11 a.m. to 6pm daily during spring break and between Memorial Day and Labor Day.

Off-Season surf rescue is out on watch 11 a.m. to 6pm Thursdays through Sundays from Labor Day to Halloween and then from spring break to Memorial Day.

Rip Current Break the Grip of the Rip