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Coastal Ed's Coastal Carts Beach Cart Rentals
Family playing games on the beach next to golf cart rental in Port Aransas

Golf Cart Port Aransas

Renting a golf cart from Coastal Eds Coastal Carts in Port Aransas can be a great idea for several reasons:


Port Aransas is a popular tourist destination with beautiful beaches and various attractions spread out across the island. A golf cart in Port Aransas provides convenient transportation, allowing you to easily get around town and to the beach without getting sand inside your car or truck. Be sure to check out the simple golf cart driving rules for peace of mind. 

Explore the Island:

With a golf cart in Port Aransas, you can explore at your own pace. Cruise along the beachfront, visit local shops and restaurants or venture off the beaten path to discover hidden gems. Check out Port A Bucket List for fun things to do!

Beach Access:

Many of Port Aransas’ beaches allow golf carts, making it easy to access prime spots for swimming, sunbathing, or enjoying water sports. You can pack your gear and head straight to the shoreline without a worry!

Scenic Views:

Port Aransas is known for its stunning coastal scenery, and a golf cart allows you to soak it all in as you drive around the island. Enjoy panoramic views of the Gulf of Mexico, picturesque sunsets, and abundant wildlife along the way.


Renting a golf cart can be a fun activity for the whole family. Kids love the novelty of riding in a golf cart, and it’s a safe and easy way to get around with little ones in tow.

Group Travel:

If you’re traveling with a group of friends or family, renting a golf cart can be a fun way to explore together. Many golf carts have seating for multiple passengers, allowing everyone to ride along and share in the adventure.


Finding parking can be a challenge, however many places have special golf cart parking.  With a golf cart, you can bypass crowded parking lots and navigate narrow streets with ease.


Get easy access to Beach Concierge services like 361 Blue. Let them do all the work for you! Just roll up in your Coastal Eds Golf Cart and relax.


Overall, renting a golf cart from Coastal Ed’s Coastal Carts in Port Aransas offers a convenient, family fun, and enjoyable way to experience all that this charming island destination has to offer.


Family playing games on the beach next to golf cart rental in Port Aransas

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